Magento Community Edition Is Now Out – Upgrade Your Store

A new Magento community edition i.e. is now available for online store owners. This new edition has many new value added improvements like better tax collection, functional, security and others. To develop this edition, contribution has been made from different Magento developers and community contributors which include both store owners and individual professionals. Below is the detail of new updates.

Better Tax Collections:

Magento calculates tax more accurately; the merchants can include “Value Added Tax” and “Fixed Product Tax” in the order to calculate the correct tax amount and to add it in the final bill, invoice and order. This edition handle the cross boundary and multi tax scenarios effectively.

Functional Enhancement

The functional improvement has been made in shopping cart which include content management, checkout and product import & export section. These updates have been made from the suggestions made by members at Magento community hackathons.

Security Improvements:

This edition has further strengthened the defense shield of this software against potential threats. These improvements are not only based on community members’ suggestions but these have been identified through an internal testing process.

What You Need To Know Before Updating:

There is nothing better than keeping your Magento software updated but one should not rush to update his software to Magento community edition 1.8.1. We recommend visiting the official Magento website and read the instructions to update your software. It is recommended to take the backup of the old store along with product and other data.