Must To Follow Ecommerce Trends In 2014

Where traditional Brick and Mortar businesses are facing flat sales this holiday season, online merchants are making robust sales. But to keep up the growth and latest sales trends online retailers must try to improve some pivotal areas of their business in the New Year.

These business areas, to be enhanced, include free shipping offers, optimization for mobiles, cross channel sales, employing Big Data and personalization.

Free Shipping Offers

To bolster up sales, customers can be given a free shipping offer as the New Year begins. Although merchants should not expect very high conversion rates but visits and refers can be increased for these web stores and it is probable that they can grab potential customers and drive more sales.

Mobile Optimization

It is very likely that when you observe people around you there would be much number of them, using their smart phones to browse the internet and visit several websites. This is an incessant ecommerce trend and an online store that has not optimized its website and design to mobile phones can certainly not hope for success. Mobile optimization allows merchants to immediately involve them on the website and stand out and present a contemporary brand identity. You will stand among competitors and won’t miss out on those potential customers that are in a habit of making online purchases through their mobile phones. Considering the benefits of this unique opportunity the responsibility now falls on website owners to take advantage of these unique ecommerce trends in 2014 and don’t give a miss to the majority who access websites on mobile devices.

Sell Across Multiple Channels

Either it is traditional retailing or the popular online store, making things easier for the customers should be the top priority. They should offer buyers a flawless, cross channel shopping experience that makes buying things convenient for them, in order to ensure repeat custom. Many advantages of technology can be taken to continue to enjoy success and growth in 2014, by enabling clientele to share orders across various devices, applications, and marketplaces. For example items the cart of an online store should be optimized so that it shows up in the cart for smart phones’ app too. Or order history displayed on a retailer’s site shows the orders placed on-site and via a marketplace as well.

Put Big Data Results To Use

Big Data is quite a popular ecommerce trend and widely used in marketing. Online vendors should use Big Data to gather useful practical information that if employed would assist to make better buying and selling decisions. For example with it could be a latest sales trend in 2014 if online merchants knew before hand the seasonal and weather variation in a particular region and tailored its marketing campaigns, on Facebook and Ad Words, around it to drive sales.

Personalization and Customization

Among other latest ecommerce trends in 2014, personalization and customization can prove to be essential strategies for the success of ecommerce in 2014. Online retailers should consider targeting their customers, initially through personalized emails. Emails should be sent to various market segments depending upon their needs and preferences. Once customers’ response and meaningful data is achieved marketing campaigns can be further tailored around consumers’ individual interests and likeness. There are different eCommerce plugins available in the market to not only automate but personalize these marketing efforts.