Magento 2014 – What Partners Are Expecting

Magento has a sufficient pool of partners and masters who are committed in building online stores that successfully and continuously meet matchless business needs of the ecommerce today. These masters use Magento to put together flawless customized solutions to offer ecommerce merchants enough flexibility and scope as they continue to grow and expand their ebusiness.

A remarkable feature of Magento ecosystem for Magento partners and experts is its Magento Live events. It is hosted by the Magento team as a complement to other community-driven events. Magento Team in this way provides online merchants with an opportunity to get the latest Magento news, and participate in important meetings about ecommerce trends and growth, network with Magento experts and ultimately take the business to the next level. It is a popular event where a great crowd of online retailers, programmers, professionals and experts in ecommerce and online agencies can meet up, share their advancements and carry out networking with one another.

Magento Live UK – 2013

MagentoLive UK 2013 Highlights on Vimeo.

This annual update took place in late October 2013, with the efforts of Magento senior management. Some important and interesting statistics about Magento, from Chief Magento presentations, that were jotted down in this annual event are provided below:

  • Huge momentum is observed in UK ecommerce
  • 33% of the market in the UK uses Magento
  • 200,000 merchants currently use Magento
  • 2,500 use Magento Enterprise
  • $26bn of sales go through Magento
  • 2000 certified developers are working for Magento
  • There are 200 Magento partners in UK Market
  • 60% of merchants are using 2+ platform
  • Magento accounts for more search in search engines than ecommerce. Magento website had 13 million visitors in 2013.

Expectations For Magento 2014

In Magento Live UK 2013, Magento partners had strong opinions on the direction of the Magento platform in 2014, especially about Magento functionality and features. Their general expectations from Magento 2014 however, included benchmarking the software and hardware, enabling seamless full control over business from single back office, developing responsive design which will benefit merchants and customers and this will ultimately lead to upward trend of traffic and increased conversion rates.

Expectations from Magento Enterprise Version

Magento partners currently have huge and strong plans for Magento Enterprise version 1.13.2; they have penciled these plans in for April 2014.The expectations from Magento Enterprise in particular include enhanced performance and up scaling; a built-in responsive design for websites, improved tax handling features and an update to the SOLR search.

Expectations From Magento Community Edition

It is very interesting to know that Community Edition by Magento remained an important focus throughout Magento Live-UK. Magento Community Edition also known as Magento Go is a popular Magento version which is expected to continuously grow and boast with internet in 2014, as it always has done before.

Expectations From Magento 2

No concrete release date was announced for most anticipated Magento 2. However it was reassured that Magento 2 will show off an updated technology stack, which will provide superior development experience. It will feature separation of presentation layer, core functional modules and APIs. Using Magento 2, it was confirmed that improved business user experience and a better native customer experience will go hand in hand in future, without any troubles. Stay tuned at Fme for latest magento 2 extensions.