Use Google Trends To Plan For Shopping Dates Of 2014

Most of you are done with their planning for 2014 and some are still in process of making one. In year 2013 there were many different shopping dates where merchants have observed high volume of sales.

In order to capitalize more in 2014 shopping dates one should develop a separate plan and make sure it is aligned with main strategy. The timing of discount offers, new product releases etc should be planned in a way to boost sales on shopping date.

Below is the Google searches for the valentine’s day gift, It shows the searches start to hit Google servers from start of January and it peak time is February whereas after February it remains dead for another 10 months.  A perfect plan would be to get done with the deals and new products related to Valentines Day before December and release them in the first week of January. Releasing earlier will give your marketing team more time to spread the information in World Wide Web and get it well placed before the event.FireShot Screen Capture #172 - 'Google Trends - Web Search interest_ valentines day gifts - Worldwide, 2013' - www_google_com_trends_explore#q=Valentine's Day gifts&date=1_2013 12m&cmpt=q

Below is the list of shopping dates for 2014.


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