Give VIP Feelings To Your Customers Using Private Sales

Acquiring the new customers is really a tough job for retailers and merchants. They always try to retain their old customers’ base so that their sales and revenue remain stable. Hence, the point of concern is retention of old customers.

If you are a merchant then you have to do such things that can give your customers a VIP feeling. At this point, you might be thinking that offering large discounts to the customers is a way to make your clients feel loyal. You are going in the right direction but the problem arises that how to setup an organized system of discount for selected customers, the answer is private sales Idea.

Private Sales Shop Idea

According to which you have to create a private sales area on your shop, add the desired products in that category, allow the customers to subscribe and finally allow discount for the private shop area. Customers coming in this way will feel proud with a thinking that now they are added to a special customer group.


Useful Tip:

PrestaShop Private Shop is a great tool by FMEModules to build a private store.


Let’s go deep into the private sales idea and here are some of its aspects.

Different Aspects of Private Sales

shop private

The idea of private sale shop is straightforward and simple. Usually expensive products are offered to a selected number of customers at a discounted cost. Private sales offers are normally provisional i.e. for a limited time and these can be availed only by already signed up customers of your website.

Private sales shop usually provides leading items at cheaper prices compared to the standard prices of those products. In fact, this is the actual purpose of a private deal e.g. to offer unbeatable price ranges to selected group of customers.

So what are the benefits of private sales, and are they a good option to suit your business needs?

Benefits of Private Sales

There are plenty of benefits which merchants can get by opening up a private sales store!

  1. Private sale feature of this type of product sales offers clients a sensation of loyalty i.e. merchant is allowing them to become a member of special group which increases the customer trust on the company.
  2. Private sales shop provides the merchant with an economical approach to sell off unsold inventory of the shop.
  3. Additionally, private sales allow merchants to give a boost to their customer base. The viral promotion coming from any private sale is quite effective.
  4. Your shop traffic will get a boost from private sales. A lot of customers will subscribe to the private category providing an opportunity to merchants to promote their brand.

How to Start a Private Sales Shop?

Now, if you are looking to start a private sales shop on your store, we recommend you to use PrestaShop. As PrestaShop shopping cart provides enough flexibility to start a private shop. Although, this feature is not available in default version and needs coding and optimization but if you can spend a little bit on external module that will be fine for you.



There are already various private sale websites in e-market, and regular shops are providing frequent private sales offers in order to balance their standard catalogs. “Privatesportshop” is a successful example of such shop. The shop has earned $9 million in 2012 through private sales. One million customers subscribed to their offers and the shops gets 25000 orders/day.

You can also earn in this way by taking a simple step of starting a PrestaShop private Sales Shop.