How to Get Image Base Feedback from Customers in PrestaShop?

You know it well that customer’s feedback about your product or store have a great impact on sales. Good testimonials encourage the new site visitors to buy products from your customers and poor testimonial discourages the new customers to purchase something from you. Most of the people are familiar with reviews in text form but why not use more powerful way of clients’ testimonial that is image feedback.

Here is the detail that what is images feedback and how it can be used in PrestaShop.

What is Image Feedback?

Motivate your clients to decorate your shop with different product or service pictures with FME PrestaShop customers image upload module. This extension allows your clients to submit latest images of products on product detail pages. This will really make your website appear more appealing and exclusive simultaneously. Now understand some important aspects about Image testimonials here;


Why Image Testimonials are Important?

Customer reviews are the most effective approach to build up credibility of a web-shop, thereby making it trusty in the eyes of new visitors of site. Therefore, be sure to take the benefit from the opportunity to get reviews about your products! The module PrestaShop import images allow your website visitors to post their own pictures on your product pages; these are the actual images of products as they appear in reality. This is obviously a good way to boost the trust level of customers and as a result, your web store looks more trust worthy for new visitors. Now, check that how image testimonials module works and what are its key features.

How Image Testimonials Module Works?

The module allows clients uploading pictures at product page. Whenever a picture is submitted by a client, admin will get an email message that images are submitted by the customers. Now, the admin can approve/disapprove the images to appear at the product pages.

The module also enables the merchants to offer a special bonus in the form of coupons for those customers who upload the images.

Key Features

  • It allows the customers to submit multiple images at product page.
  • Customers can remove/edit their submitted images from their account.
  • Admin can approve/disapprove the images to appear on the product page.
  • Admin can resize the images uploaded by the customers.
  • Merchants can show coupons and discount offers.


Products images testimonials are a new way to display customers review. Also, this is more effective testimonials as compared to the text testimonials. Use this add-on from Top PrestaShop Developers to build up your customer trust followed by increase sales.